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to my new website! For those of you who have visited here before, it's about time, eh?


Over in the menu are links to my professional (Dalrymple Consulting) and somewhat less professional (Veloce Vinyl) businesses.


The personal portion of this site is partially identity-restricted, but my passions include music and audio, stereo photography, and automobiles.


So, it's been, what, almost 15 years since this domain name had a proper website. Over that time, I've built loads of sites for other people, but, well, you know how it goes. New content and features will continue rolling out, so please check back.


In case you're wondering, "veloce" is an Italian word meaning "fast" and was used as the designation for higher performance models from Alfa-Romeo. For example, on the left is a 1969 Alfa Spider Veloce.

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